Private classes provide an ideal learning environment for dancers at any level. They can help a shy person develop confidence on the dance floor, or speed an experienced dancer's transition to the intermediate or advanced level. They are a great way to develop closeness with your significant other or enjoy the process of learning with a friend.

Everyone can benefit significantly from even a single hour with us – each person has their own specific issues that are sometimes missed or difficult to address in the context of a group class. With just one private class we can give you tools and techniques to really improve the aspects of your dance that are holding you back, enabling you to advance to a new level of skill and enjoyment.

Both Sidney and Ryan are experts in Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino, and Son, both as leads and follows, and have hundreds of hours of experience teaching private lessons. Areas of focus can be partnering skills, turn patterns, musicality, body movement, or any combination of these.

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*Single lessons must be used within one month and packages of five must be used within three months of purchase (or receipt of gift certificate). Lessons usually take place at our studio in SF, but other locations may be possible. No refunds. Please use the contact link to schedule your lessons.