April - May 2017

The official registration deadline has passed, but it may still be possible to join our Spring Trip. Please CONTACT US if you are considering joining the April-May Dance Study Trip.

This Spring, Rueda Con Ritmo and Companía All Stars are offering 2 Week-Long Dance Study Trips, and you can choose from the first week, the second week, or both. The focus of our Spring Dance Study Trip will be Son Cubano. As a dance and music form, Son Cubano is probably the most significant antecedent to Salsa, and it is still a living tradition in Oriente (the Eastern Regions of Cuba), especially in Santiago, which is known as La Cuna de Son (the birthplace of Son), and is the home city of our teachers and hosts, the All Stars. On our Spring trip we'll travel to Santiago and other significant locations in the history of Son music and dance.

April 22nd - 29th: Bayamo, Yateras, and Rueda Gigante in Santiago*

We'll arrive in Holguín and then take a short bus trip to Bayamo to begin our study of Son. We'll then travel to Santiago, studying with the All Stars in the morning and experiencing the many cultural offerings in and around Santiago in the afternoons and evenings, including its rich Son tradition. Then on April 27th we'll participate in a Rueda Gigante in the Plaza, dancing a simple Rueda choreography with the All Stars and hundreds of other Cuban dancers**. We'll also explore other cities and towns around Santiago that are important in the history of Son, including Palma Soriano and Yateras, which is recognized as the birthplace of Changüí del Monte, an important root of Son.

April 29th - May 6th: Guantánamo, Conga in Santiago, and Holguín*

The second week of the trip will start with International Dance Day (April 29th) in Guantánamo, where we'll experience Tumba Francesa and Changüí, two important dance forms unique to that region. We'll head back to Santiago to dance in a Peña de Danzón (a social dance party for Cuba's elegant national partner dance), and then on May 1st we'll dance to live Conga Santiaguera in the May Day parade. Later in the week we'll head to the town of Alto Cedro, immortalized in the Buena Vista Social Club's classic song Chan Chan. We'll finish our trip in Holguín during the annual Romerías de Mayo Festival, which celebrates the Spanish music and dance heritage of that city.

All week-long programs will feature workshops in popular Cuban dance styles including Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Son, Rumba, Cha-Cha-Chá, and more. All classes will be taught by Jorge Luna Roque and members of the internationally acclaimed Rueda All Stars – click here to see a video of the All Stars. Dance classes will be split into different groups tailored to dancers of different levels of experience, with Cuban dancers assisting as well as teaching classes. Trip is limited to 30 participants - your spot is not confirmed until we receive your deposit (see below).

*Exact schedule of events is subject to change.

**Participation in the Rueda Gigante is contingent on your ability to remember and execute the All Stars' choreography. Click to view a video of the All Stars' demo of the Rueda Gigante choreography.

This program has been qualified for legal entry to Cuba under the People-to-People Educational License. Click here to read more.

Trip Cost
One week, homestay (casa particular): $1900 double room*** / $2050 single room
Additional week, homestay (casa particular): $2700 double room*** / $2950 single room
***Double room price is contingent on there being a roommate available for you, otherwise you must pay for a single room

Non-refundable deposit of $800 (due March 1st) is required to register, book flights to and from Cuba and visa arrangements. Full amount is due April 1st.

To join the workshop, please fill out the registration form below, or click here to open it in a new window.

We strive to insure that participants in our trips have the best possible experience. Curious about what people on past trips have to say? Click here to read how they describe the trip in their own words.

Please contact us or call Ryan and Sidney at 301-775-6142 if you have any additional questions.

We look forward to dancing in Cuba with you!

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