7:30pm Four levels of Salsa, Rueda, and Rhythm (Levels 1, 2, & 3)

8:45pm Four levels of Salsa, Rueda, and Rhythm (Levels 1, 2, 3, & 4)

9:45pm Timba Fiestecita with DJ Ritmo - Open Dancing (No Cover)

All Monday Classes and Fiestecita are ON for Monday, February 20th (Presidents' Day).

Every Monday night we offer two hour-long salsa and rueda classes, with a special focus on Rhythm and Musicality. At both 7:30pm and 8:45pm, four instructors teach four different levels simultaneously – we offer Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 all at once. Beginners are welcome at any Level 1 class, taught at both 7:30pm and 8:45pm every Monday.

We host a Timba Fiestecita, featuring open dancing after classes until 11pm. There's no cover – come jump-start your week with RITMO.

We teach from our Expanded Curriculum (click to download), which enables you to advance at your own pace. You can come every week for two hours and pass through all four levels in just seven weeks. Or choose either one of the 7:30pm or 8:45pm classes and you can learn the same material in 14 weeks. Or just drop-in whenever you have a free night - check the Curriculum to see when the moves you need are being taught.

We offer Rhythm and Musicality Instruction every hour at Levels 3 and 4. We teach our signature timing exercises to raise your rhythmic awareness and improve your connection to the music. We focus on one song per week. Click here for a video playlist of all of our songs of the week (this week's song is at the top).

$13 per class, or $30 for a 4-class card. Cash or check only (no credit cards).