Is it still legal to travel to Cuba?
Yes, under the educational People-to-People cultural license that our Cuba Dance Study Trips fall under, it is still legal to travel to Cuba, but only with a group.

When are beginning classes held?
We offer several different total beginning (Level 1) classes every week. New students are welcome at any of these classes.
     1. Fridays at 7:30pm in San Francisco
     2. Fridays at 8:30pm in San Francisco
     3. Sunday afternoons in San Francisco (time varies seasonally)
     4. Mondays at 7:30pm in Oakland
     5. Mondays at 8:45pm in Oakland
On Fridays and Mondays, you can attend either hour, or both hours. All classes are designed for total beginners -- separate but complementary material is taught at both hours (open position at one hour, closed position at the other). 

How do I sign-up for classes?
We don't have advance registration for most of our classes -- just arrive about 10 minutes before the class starts to sign in.

Do I need to wear special clothes or shoes?
No. Please wear whatever feels comfortable to you. Some women wear heels but most do not.

How much do the classes cost?
Prices vary by location. Check the Classes Page for details.

Do I need to bring a partner?
No. Most people come without a partner and we rotate partners frequently throughout the class.

If I come with my partner can I dance with them the whole class or will we rotate?
We rotate partners throughout the class. It’s good practice and students learn more quickly when they dance with different people. If you are interested in only dancing with your partner, please consider taking Private Lessons.

Will I be required to dance a particular role based on my gender?
Absolutely not. We often have women come to our classes to learn to lead and men come to our classes to learn to follow. All of our teachers have been trained to use "lead" and "follow" (instead of "man" and "woman," or "guy" and "girl"), and we encourage all dancers to learn both parts to gain a deeper understanding of the dance.

When are intermediate & advanced classes held?
On Fridays in SF and Mondays in Oakland, we offer all four Levels at the same time at both hours of class. One instructor teaches Level 1 (total beginners) while other instructors teach Levels 2, 3, & 4 in separate groups at the same time. Different material is taught at each hour, so you can always come for two hours and learn new things in each class. To see the exact schedule of what we teach and when we teach it, please check out the Friday Curriculum (SF) and the Monday Curriculum (Oakland).

How do I know when I am ready to move to the next Level?
We require dancers to “know” ALL the material at the previous level before moving on to the next Level. By “know,” we mean three things:
    1. Being able to associate the correct movement with name of the call
    2. Being able to execute the footwork for your own part (leaders must know leaders' footwork, followers must know followers' footwork)
    3. Being able to execute the movement in time with the music
For most students, this means repeating a class at least several times before moving on to the next Level. For example, you should know ALL of the Level 1 names (click here to view the curriculum) and be able to execute them in time with the music before moving on to Level 2. The instructor will use the first song of the class at Levels 2 and up to call the moves from the previous levels to verify that you are in the correct class, and they may decide to move you to a different Level if they see that you do not know the required movements. You do NOT have to begin a new Level at the "A" class, for example your first Level 3 class could be 3-C, but you DO have to know ALL calls from Levels 1 and 2.

Are the classes structured in a progressive series, or can I drop-in to any class?
Yes and yes. We have a Multi-teacher, Multi-level system so on Fridays and Mondays any dancer at any level can drop-in at either or both hours and there will always be a class available at their level. You can also move through our curriculum in a progressive way if you come at the same time every week.

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