• The Working Body (map)
  • 399 Grand Avenue
  • Oakland, CA, 94610
  • United States

Ryan is back from our Summer Cuba Dance Study Trip with the All Stars from Santiago, and he's learned lots of fun new material – movement, turn patterns, footwork, and more. He'll be sharing his favorite material with the dance community in the Bay Area on Saturday, August 26th.

1:00pm Son de Santiago
Son is beautiful and elegant, simple in movements but sophisticated in rhythm and style. It is a primary root of Salsa and Casino, and many of the best dancers incorporate movements, turns, timing, and style from Son. In this class we'll briefly review some fundamental steps and movements before moving on to more intermediate and advanced patterns that we learned from the All Stars.

2:00pm Intermediate All Stars' Salsa and Rueda de Casino
In this class we'll show you our favorite moves from each of the Intermediate Salsa and Rueda de Casino groups. (To attend this class you must have completed Level 2 of the RCR curriculum.)

3:00pm Advanced All Stars' Salsa and Rueda de Casino 
Jorge Luna Roque, the director of the All Stars, is nothing short of a Casino genius. While remaining true to the traditions and spirit of the dance, he has developed a unique, intricate, dynamic style that is as challenging as it is fun. In the final class while we'll show you our favorite Advanced moves that we learned from Jorge in our August trip. (To attend this class you must have completed Level 3 of the RCR curriculum.)

Classes will be held at The Working Body at 399 Grand Ave. in Oakland.

Pre-registration has closed but it is STILL POSSIBLE to attend. Just bring cash or check and come a few minutes before classes start to sign in.

One class $20, Two classes $30, Three classes $40