• In The Groove 2 & The Working Body (map)
  • 366 and 399 Grand Avenue
  • Oakland, CA, 94610
  • United States

IMPORTANT UPDATE! The back room at In The Groove is closed due to renovation. We'll STILL BE HAVING CLASSES in the front room at In The Groove (366 Grand Ave), but to accommodate all levels, we'll be moving SOME classes a block away and across the street to The Working Body (399 Grand Ave). Here's the schedule:

Level 1 with Ernest at In The Groove
Level 2 with Bret at The Working Body
Level 3+4 with Ryan at The Working Body

Level 1 with Alison at In The Groove
Level 2 with Bret at In The Groove
Level 3 with Ernest at The Working Body
Level 4 with Ryan at The Working Body

Fiestecita at In The Groove (free) - RuedaTHON to Ryan's 100 Song of the Week Mix (75 minutes of great music, non-stop).

Please plan on arriving a bit early to help adjust to the new location, find parking, etc. We are planning to resume all classes at In The Groove next Monday, 1/16 (yes, classes are ON for MLK day).

Be sure to send us a message via the contact form on our website (www.RuedaConRitmo.com/contact) by 2pm on Monday, 1/9 if you would like a special commemorative copy of the 100 Song of the Week mix (must attend class that day).

We began incorporating Rhythm and Musicality instruction as part of our weekly classes at In The Groove in Oakland starting in April 2014, focusing on the rhythms and breaks of one song per week. Now on January 9th, 2017 we'll be dancing to our 100th Song of the Week, and we'd like to celebrate with a 75-minute long, RUEDA-THON after our classes.

Why 75 minutes?
Well, 75 minutes is exactly the length of our weekly Fiestecita (9:45pm until 11:00pm). It's also the length of music that fits onto a single CD, and if you take a 45-second clip of each of our 100 songs of the week, seamlessly mixed from one to the other, you get a super RCR mix of exactly 75 minutes. This will be the soundtrack to our party, and you can challenge yourself to dance continuously, or just enjoy the music and dance when you like. The Fiestecita, as always, is FREE.

Want a copy of the mix CD?
We'll be distributing free copies of the mix for everyone who RSVPs to the class via Facebook or our website - just fill out the contact form if you'd like a CD (must attend classes on Monday, January 9th to receive a CD).

YouTube Playlist
You can click here to listen to all of our Songs of the Week, from the newest to the oldest.