• Cupid's Span (map)
  • Embarcadero and Folsom
  • San Francisco, CA
  • USA

It's the 3rd Annual International Rueda de Casino Flash Mob Day! On Saturday, April 2nd, dancers from all over the world will dance Rueda de Casino in flash mobs at 4:00pm local time.

We will be dancing in a Rueda, but a Flash Mob is not a regular Rueda. We will need to practice the timing of our entrances with the music, and review the calls so that all dancers know all the movements at their level. You will also need to find a partner to enter the Rueda with (no solo dancers). We will start the Rueda Flash Mob with the most advanced dancers, later the Level 3 dancers will enter, then the Level 2 dancers, and finally the Level 1 dancers as well. Last year we had 3 concentric circles in Union Square - click here to see the video.

We will be gathering at "Cupid's Span" (the Bow and Arrow on the Embarcadero at Folsom St.) at 2:00pm to dance and begin the celebration and preparation. Please invite all of your Rueda de Casino dancing friends -- everyone is welcome. This will be a rehearsal for the main event.

Around 3:00pm, we'll leave the Cupid's Span area and we'll begin to make our way across the embarcadero to Justin Herman Plaza, right at the intersection with Market Street (see the Facebook event photo) where we will begin a 5-10 minute Flashmob right at 4:00pm. 
After the Flash Mob is over around 4:10pm, we will promptly depart, all walking in different directions.

We are organizing a Rueda dance party after the Flash Mob at Cigar Bar and Grill - 350 Montgomery St. in SF (click for a map). Cigar Bar has nice dinner and snack options in addition to a full bar. Cover is $5 for the party from 5:00 to 8:00pm.

So that the Flash Mob will grow as the song goes on and we can feature different levels of Rueda dancers, we will begin with the most challenging moves and as the song goes on the calls and movements will get simpler (but more impressive with larger numbers of people).

Here is a list of the calls we will be using for the Flashmob. It is important that if you decide to dance in a particular level you know ALL of the calls in your level AND the levels below. For example, if you dance in Level 2, you need to know all of the Level 2 calls AND all of the Level 1 calls, but not the Level 3 calls. You can learn all of these calls in any of our classes (see below).

Level 1 Calls

  • P'al medio
  • Caminamos arriba
  • Tarro
  • LLévala pa'bajo
  • Exhíbela
  • Dile que no
  • Guapea
  • Pásala con las manos
  • Fly
  • Suena

Level 2 Calls

  • Setenta
  • El uno
  • Paséala
  • Enchufla
  • Enchufla doble
  • Kentucky
  • Candado
  • Adios
  • Adios con la hermana
  • Ni pa' ti ni pa' mí

Level 3 Calls

  • Vacila
  • Rotación (Coca-cola)
  • Sombrero
  • Dame dos
  • Enchufla con vuelta
  • Dedo
  • Montaña

We will be teaching the calls for the Rueda Flash Mob at all of our classes from now until the date of the event. Fridays at 7:20pm and 8:25pm (Multi-level every hour) at ODC, Mondays 7:30pm and 8:45pm (Multi-level every hour) at In the Groove, and Sundays 4:30pm (Levels 2&3) and 5:30pm (Level 1) at ODC.

Take BART! Cupid's Span is a short walk from the Embarcadero station, and parking can be challenging.

Please RSVP on the Facebook event so you can receive updates and we can get an estimate of the number of dancers participating.

You can see all the different cities around the world that will be dancing Rueda Flash Mobs at the international event page.