• City Dance Annex (map)
  • 1420 Harrison Street
  • San Francisco, CA
  • USA

Clave (pronounced "CLAH-vay") is a simple instrument with a profound significance. Consisting of just two wooden sticks, clave is the rhythmic foundation of almost all Cuban music, including Salsa, Timba, Son, and Rumba.

Ryan (who devoted his Stanford Thesis to the clave) will be teaching a special in-depth workshop on Wednesday, March 2nd from 8:30 to 10:00pm. In the workshop we will cover:

  1. The difference between 3:2 and 2:3 clave
  2. The difference between Son and Rumba clave
  3. Exercises on counting and physicalizing all 4 forms of clave
  4. Dancing on 1 (a tiempo), on 2 (a contratiempo), and other steps related to the different forms of clave
  5. The relation of the clave to rhythmic accents such as Ponche, Bombo, Tresillo, and Tun-tun
  6. How to hear the clave in recorded music

The workshop is open to all levels of dancers and Cuban music listeners. We will focus on physicalizing the rhythms through steps and claps.

Online pre-registration has closed but it is still possible to drop-in ($20).

Our Cuban Clave have sold out, but please feel free to bring your own pair if you like (optional). Claves are NOT necessary to take the class. Clapping or snapping will work just as well for all the exercises we will do.

Want to do some prep for the workshop? Check out the clave entry in the Media section of our website (scrolling down to "Clave"), and download the Clave App for Android or Iphone.