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We're back from our two-week intensive dance study trip to Cuba with the All Stars in Santiago and Proyecto Rueda de Casino in Havana. We learned a ton of new material – movement, turn patterns, footwork, and more, and we want to share of our favorite new material with the dance community in the Bay Area on Saturday, January 23rd.

2pm Son Cubano (Beg - Adv) 
Son is beautiful and elegant, simple in movements but sophisticated in style and rhythm (contratiempo). It is the primary root of Salsa and Casino, and many of the best dancers incorporate movements, turns, timing, and style from Son. In this class we'll cover some fundamental steps and movements before moving on to more intermediate and advanced patterns that we learned in both Santiago and Havana.

3pm Intermediate Salsa and Rueda de Casino (All Stars and Proyecto)
Founded in 2004, the Compania All Stars in Santiago are known throughout Cuba and around the world as one of the most vibrant and creative groups dancing Rueda today. In this class we'll show you our favorite Intermediate moves that we learned from the All Stars and Proyecto Rueda de Casino on our December trip.

4pm Advanced Salsa and Rueda de Casino (All Stars and Proyecto)
Proyecto Rueda de Casino is run by Juanito Gomez, one of the original dancers of Rueda when it was first danced in the early 1960s. His company has maintained the tradition of the dance while also innovating fun and unique moves and calls that are unique to their group. In the final class while we'll show you our favorite Advanced moves that we learned from Proyecto Rueda de Casino and the All Stars. (Attendance at 3pm Intermediate class required to attend 4pm Advanced Class.)

Classes will be held at Symbolic Dance Studios at 672 S Van Ness in San Francisco. Click here for a map.

Pre-registration is closed but you can still sign up for the classes at the door.
1 class: $15  -  2 classes: $25  -  All 3 classes: $35